Whenever someone asks me what the worst part of Dragon Age is I just get war flashbacks of this:





Bought one month after launch, our PS3 died suddenly today of massive internal failure, during an episode of Pokemon XY. Because it has survived so so long, we don’t feel empty. We were so fortunate it lasted so long. It’s statistically ridiculous. But I personally came to terms with the moment long ago, and was ready for it.

Despite appearances, our PS2 still functions. No parent should have to bury their child.


I just smile and say ‘compared to what?’

asoftertransistor, now with 100% more pain.


liara tries ice cream for the first time, has deeply spiritual experience

artist: Capital Cities
song: Safe And Sound
album: In A Tidal Wave Of Mystey


Safe And Sound | Capital Cities

You could be my luck
Even if the sky is falling down

This war has brought us pain and suffering and loss. But it’s also brought us together—as soldiers, allies, friends. This bond that ties us together is something the Reapers will never understand. It’s more powerful than any weapon, stronger than any ship. It can’t be taken or destroyed.


Since Its comic con week. here’s Wonder woman riding a 2 headed black rainbow pega unicorn while holding a 2 head lightsaber. the horse shoot out lighting from their unicorn too

Get To Know Me // [2/5] Protagnists
∟ Minako Arisato (Persona 3 Portable)



Gonna draw pokemon in panties.



I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.


Irenaeus Herok - Bondi Haze, 2013